No Need to Weight

No Need to Weight

Have you ever heard of Mindless eating?

What about Mindful eating? 

You can imagine the difference between the two. 


Did you know that most people that are overweight are not even enjoying most of the food that they eat? 

We want you to enjoy your food and be consciously aware of everything that you’re eating. 


When we watch television and bring the food into the sitting area, an hour may pass, and after the programs are over you may find that you have eaten a lot more than you intended to.

This may be the best way to understand what distracted eating is all about.


Many times food is meant to be eaten socially with other people when we may not be thinking about our food, but it’s a good habit to get into to eat what you want, when you want, and to think about all the food that you consume instead of just unconsciously eating without having any control or memory of it.


What is Mindless Eating?

Any time the brain is distracted and the person isn’t paying attention to the food they’re eating, they’re eating mindlessly.

What is Mindful Eating?

A mindful eater is aware of what type of food he or she is eating, how much of it, and really savor it.

Now let me try to focus your attention on some factors that you may not have thought about when striving to maintain your desired weight. We’ll get into more detail about each one.
  1. Another person prepares the food. Hmmm, cooking sounds like a hassle. You may ask someone, “When is dinner ready?”. Getting to know your food by preparing it is a great exercise (there’s the “E” word again). Besides, cooking a meal for yourself and your family can be a gift
  2. The shopping is done by someone else. While it’s faster to call in a takeout order than to get in the car, etc., once you get into cooking you’ll want to do it every night. Make sure to go to the store and buy ingredients for a single special meal you will prepare. The results may surprise you.
  3. Two meals a day is all you eat. If you spread out the same amount of calories over three to four meals, your body would burn off significantly more calories. Your body will slow down its “calorie burn rate” when you skip a meal.
  4. You may not be enjoying your food as much as you should. Yes, that’s possible. That might be the biggest (pun intended) help we can give you. We want you to enjoy your food. Every bite of your food. Every single moment of the meal should be enjoyed to the fullest. When you are consciously aware of every bite, you can truly enjoy it. Can this lead to weight loss? The majority of overeaters aren’t even aware that they are overeating. Mindless eating is what we call it. Most people do not enjoy eating because they are unaware of what they are putting into their mouths. While watching TV, driving in the car, or talking on the phone, they may be mindlessly eating. Consider it. Have you ever watched a television program and wondered, “Did I really just eat a whole bag of potato chips?”


Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you release the unwanted weight by helping you stop the mindless eating that you may be struggling with. We want you to enjoy your food and think about it. You may also be triggered subconsciously to eat even when you aren’t hungry.
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