New Year’s Resolution or Re-Solution?

New Year’s Resolution or Re-Solution?

It’s that time of year again. Do you find yourself saying that you’d like to make sweeping changes beginning today? You may have tried this before, so maybe your goals are not so lofty, as disappointment may have followed with the lack of change that comes from will power and a new calendar.

There are even gadgets you can buy that offer help. That’s great, but you may find it easier if you don’t put so much pressure on yourself and the “New Year”.

A “Re-Solution” is different than a resolution. According to Wikipedia, “A New Year’s resolution is a tradition, in which a person resolves to improve their life at the start of a new year.”

We can offer you a Re-Solution if your resolution falls short. We recommend that you look at behavioral and habit changes as positive rather than negative. The Grass is Greener approach is much less stressful. The key is to want the benefit of the outcome more than the current behavior. Dr. Wayne Dyer spoke of the power of intention in these 5 words, “I Want to Feel Good“. Once you desire the outcome you may find it easier to release the undesired habit.


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