Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation: Break Free

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Christine Larkin at Seacoast Hypnosis specializes in using hypnosis for personal growth and transformation, and she has a passion to help people quit smoking.

Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Are you struggling to quit smoking? Have you tried various methods but still find yourself reaching for that pack of cigarettes? You’re not alone. Quitting smoking can be a challenging journey, but hypnosis for smoking cessation can help you break free from tobacco addiction and take control of your health.

  1. How effective is hypnosis for smoking cessation?Hypnosis can be an effective method for smoking cessation for many individuals. Its effectiveness may vary depending on individual factors such as motivation to quit, receptivity to hypnosis, and the skill of the hypnotist. Studies have shown that hypnosis can be a valuable tool in helping people quit smoking, especially when combined with other smoking cessation strategies.
  2. Is hypnosis for smoking cessation safe?Yes, hypnosis is a safe and non-invasive method for smoking cessation. It does not involve any medications or substances, and there are no known harmful side effects. However, it’s important to work with a qualified and certified hypnotist to ensure a safe and positive experience.
  3. Can hypnosis help me quit smoking if I’ve been a smoker for many years?Hypnosis can be effective for both long-term and short-term smokers. The key to success with hypnosis is the individual’s motivation and commitment to quitting smoking. Hypnotherapy can help reinforce that commitment and provide tools to manage cravings and avoid triggers, regardless of how long you have been smoking.

Christine Larkin at Seacoast Hypnosis specializes in using hypnosis for personal growth and transformation, and she has a passion to help people quit smoking. She understands the significant impact that smoking and vaping can have on daily life and offers a supportive environment to help individuals overcome these challenges. Through hypnosis, Christine helps clients focus their minds and reprogram their subconscious with empowering beliefs, leading to substantial behavioral changes. She can help you leave smoking behind for good.


Hypnosis is a powerful and natural approach that uses the power of your subconscious mind to help you quit smoking. Through guided relaxation and visualization techniques, hypnotherapy can help you change your smoking behaviors, reduce cravings, and reinforce your commitment to a smoke-free life.

During a hypnosis session, you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation, where your mind is more receptive to positive suggestions. I will use carefully crafted language to help you visualize yourself as a non-smoker and reinforce your desire to quit. You may also receive suggestions to cope with cravings, avoid triggers, and maintain your commitment to a tobacco-free lifestyle.

“After just one session, I lost the desire to smoke. It’s been six months, and I haven’t touched a cigarette since.” – Sarah.

“Hypnosis helped me deal with my cravings and change my mindset about smoking. I’m finally free from my addiction.” – David


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