Seacoast Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Services

Smoking Cessation

Stopping Smoking is the single most beneficial thing you can do for yourself. Just one 90-minute session will allow you to become a non-smoker. Every smoker has their own particular reasons why they want to quit. Your own reasons will be explored and addressed in a personalized interview and hypnosis session. Leave your session a non-smoker and enjoy a new sense of freedom. Quit smoking for good with effective hypnosis techniques that address the root causes of your habit and promote a smoke-free life.

“Well, I have been tested in the last week, tests that, before I came in to see you, I knew were going to be if anything, what makes me fail. Well, I have passed those tests and LOVE being a NON-smoker! I feel wonderful, energy is higher and I love not smelling like a cigarette.” Amy R.

Weight Management

Lose the excess weight that you no longer want or need and maintain the ideal weight that you desire for yourself. Usually, this is accomplished in one to three sessions. Your relationship with food and your motivations for losing weight will be explored. The hypnosis sessions will address these issues and desires in a way perfectly suited to you. A new blueprint for eating will be established which will enable you to attain your goal easily and in a healthy manner.  Achieve your weight loss goals with tailored hypnosis sessions designed to support healthy habits and long-term success.

“I have referrals for you. They will be calling. I have lost about eight pounds. I have not touched any grain and I have no desire….. life is good.  I even went out three times last week for restaurant week.  Thank you so much!” -Jane L

​Personal Goals and Behavioral Changes

Whatever your personal goal is you can achieve it through hypnosis by using the power of your subconscious mind. Improving sports or sales performance, eliminating limiting fears, enhancing memory and academic performance are only a few of the many applications for hypnosis. Increase your motivation and achieve your goals with hypnosis sessions that help you set and reach your personal and professional objectives.

“Wednesday was the first time my daughter has ever done her kip cast handstand on the high practice bar on her own. It was fantastic! Thank you so much for helping her work through things. Thank you so very much for working with her!” -Elizabeth K.

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching using hypnosis is a powerful way to achieve your goals. Using hypnotic techniques to train your subconscious mind to the outcomes you desire allows you to quickly develop the habits and attitudes you need to succeed. Weekly accountability keeps you on track.

“I want to let you know that since our meeting in April, I have totally given up the Oreos, white wine, and ice cream. You are terrific!” -Lisa D.​


Confidence Building and Performance

Boost your self-esteem and confidence at Seacoast Hypnosis with targeted hypnosis sessions that empower you to reach your full potential. Enhance your athletic performance and mental focus through hypnosis sessions tailored to help you achieve your sports goals.


Anxiety and Phobia Relief

Seacoast Hypnosis can help you overcome anxiety and phobias with effective hypnosis techniques that help you regain control and live without fear. Reduce the stress associated with these and find inner peace through personalized hypnosis sessions that help you manage and alleviate the stress effectively.


Hypnotherapy for Nail Biting

Learn how hypnotherapy targets psychological triggers to promote long-term change and help you stop nail-biting


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