No Need to Stress About it

No Need to Stress About it

We are here for you. Stress, Chronic Stress, and Anxiety can produce both psychological and physical symptoms.

When we break it down, stress is a demand placed on your mind or your physical body.

Many times, Stress can be triggered by something that makes you feel uneasy or nervous. Anxiety is the feeling of worry or fear. This can be a reaction to stress or can be felt by people who find it difficult to identify the source of stress in their lives. Chronic stress is when stress persists over a long period of time and can be overwhelming.


Common physical symptoms include:

  • stomachache

  • muscle tension

  • headache

  • rapid breathing

  • fast heartbeat

  • sweating

  • shaking

  • dizziness

  • frequent urination

  • change in appetite

  • trouble sleeping

  • diarrhea

  • fatigue

Emotional symptoms as well as physical ones.

  • feelings of impending doom

  • panic or nervousness, especially in social settings

  • difficulty concentrating

  • irrational anger

  • restlessness


Seacoast Hypnosis

We would love to help you avoid the negative health-related outcomes due to prolonged stress and anxiety experienced over long periods of time.

We must transform our default breathing pattern to be deep, rhythmic and smooth, to best deal with stress.

During the Hypnotherapy sessions, we will help you learn breathing practices that can produce instant stress reduction and improve energy levels, mental clarity, and emotional balance.


Hypnosis will be used to help re-pattern the unconscious breathing constriction reflex that occurs under stress.


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